These are really old items, just kept here for archive purposes.

C u r r e n t   P r o j e c t s :
A web aplication to keep track of Database Changes. - Completion 75%
A web aplication to keep track of jobs. - Completion 55%
The client side of the above - Completion 55%
National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys - Completion 25%
Calendar Babies - My mothers website, always changing.
F i n i s h e d   P r o j e c t s :
Dog Sled Publishing - Linked subscribe page to access database.
Owen Industries Corporate Websites - Now all those pages were difficult,
4 diffrent sites most with 8pgs or more
that had to be edited from adobe files.
Biz-e-Street - Some simple SQL stuff, you won't be able to see because you
must be a member.
StarAwards - Been a long time but i did alot on the new member signup which
required me to learn SQL, since thats where everything was stored.
M i s c e l l a n e o u s   U t i l s
My Home Audio Equipment
My Truck Audio Equipment
Scripts that I use - Collection of scripts that i use, i put them here to they are
backed up on tape, since they are hard to find sometimes!
Overland Park Driving Directions
Olathe Driving Directions
WatchGuard Reports

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