- = Scripts that I use = -
Most are on my at home computer so i will have to transfer them.

Resize Window on load - Used to resize the browser window when that page is
Redirect on resolution - Used to redirect the page depending on the users
Text Snake - Used to add some floating text to your site or irritate ppl.
Mouse Fireworks - When you click a burst of color goes all over.
Space Travel - I like this one alot, puts moving stars over your browser.
Expand and Center - Centers the browser window, then slowly expands to full screen.
I have it set to onload expand but it can be a button.
Fire Works - Shoots off a circle of color in random spots.
Text Color - Changes the text color every few seconds.
Browser in Browser - Open another browser window inside your current browser
and make it any size.
Javascripts @ Internet.com - Great site to find scripts.

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