5712 S 77th St
Omaha, NE
68127 US

Overland Park, KS

Total Distance: 197.44 miles Total Estimated Time: 3 hours, 30 minutes

1:  Start out going North on S 77TH ST towards PARK DR by turning left. 0.06 miles
2:  Turn RIGHT onto MAIN ST. 0.44 miles
3:  Turn LEFT onto S 72ND ST. 1.37 miles
4:  Take the I-80 E ramp. 0.21 miles
5:  Merge onto I-80 E. 9.38 miles
6:  Take the I-29 S exit- exit number 4- towards KANSAS CITY. 0.50 miles
7:  Merge onto I-29 S. 168.74 miles
8:  Take the I-635 S exit- exit number 3B- towards KANSAS. 0.18 miles
9:  Merge onto I-635 S. 12.15 miles
10:  Stay straight to go onto METCALF AVE. 0.20 miles
11:  METCALF AVE becomes US-69 S. 0.21 miles
12:  US-69 S becomes US-69 S/METCALF AVE. 1.54 miles
13:  US-69 S/METCALF AVE becomes US-169/US-69/METCALF AVE. 0.06 miles
14:  Stay straight to go onto US-169/METCALF AVE. 2.22 miles
15:  Turn RIGHT onto HAMILTON DR. 0.12 miles
16:  Turn RIGHT onto MARTY ST. 0.04 miles
17:  Turn LEFT onto W 81ST ST. 0.04 miles
Total Estimated Time:   Total Distance: 
3 hours, 30 minutes   197.44 miles
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Overland Park, KS

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