This is all stuff from about 4yrs ago, nothing like i have now.

I prefer JVC audio products, since i've been very pleased with their performance.
A u d i o  V i d e o  R e c i e v e r
120W x 5 channels - 100W x 7 with second front channel on
I don't have a picture of it yet
need to write down the model # so i can find one
D V D  P l a y e r
This is the dvd player i plan to buy. I currently use my computers DXr3 Decoder card with a 8X Creative DVDRom.
F r o n t  S p e a k e r s
I have 2 Sets of Front channel speakers. My main ones are a set of Sony 2 way speakers mounted on the side walls. Which i use for movies and watching tv in surround. - My other set of speakers are some custom made Niver speakers, 15" woofer, 6" midrange and 2 2" tweeters.
C e n t e r  C h a n n e l
One awesome center channel, worth the 200 sum bux i paid for it.
S u r r o u n d  S p e a k e r s
For the Surrounds i have 2Way RCA speakers mounted on the wall behind my couch.
S u b w o o f e r
I bought this sub same time i bought the little front channel speakers. It sounded allright at BestBuy so i decided to give it a try. Despite it's little bitch appearance it sounds really good, even better while playing quake III.

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