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History - Scout Pix

Current - October
  Bought from private owner, friend of my brother.

September 15th 2001
  Bought carb cleaner treatment added to gas.
  Fixed right rear 6x9 speaker, leads were broken, speaker dead.

September 17th 2001
  Painted Front Suspension hookups yellow and leaf springs red.
  Also painted top control bar red, air cleaner red and
  master cylinder red.

September 19th 2001
  Bought some black and white paint, going to paint my wheels
  white again and some engine parts black.

September 20th 2001
  haha! took a chance and waxed some of the truck to find out
  it still shines! Will take awhile to get all that oxidation off.
  Also painted the front solid axle (4x4) black and coated the other
  pieces again with some fresh yellow and red paint.

September 25th 2001
  Added some of my old stereo stuff to the Scout tonight.
  Sounds awesome, 400W for the 2 Infinity Reference Subs and 50W
  for the 3-way 6x9's in the back seat.

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