My office and home PC stats.

M e d i a C e n t e r   C o m p u t e r :
Motherboard : ASRock P4VT8+
RAM : 1024mb 400MHz DDR
CPU : P4 3.2 GHz - 800MHz FSB Extreme Edition
CPU Cooler : Thermalright XP 90C
Case : Demon
Case Cooling : 1 x 60mm(CPU), 3 x 80mm , 1 x 120mm , 1 x 80mm CCFL
Cooling Power : CPU 86 / 100 degrees F 100% load - Case 90 / 100 degrees F 100% load
Power : 600W ULTRA Titanium
Security : Digital Persona Biometric Fingerprint scanner
CD Drives : DVDRW+R 16X
Hard Drives : OS: 18gb 15,000RPM SCA Compaq, Tools: 68gb 10,000RPM SCA Compaq, Storage: 400gb Sata-150,
                        Musicvideos: 68gb 10,000RPM SCA Seagate
Video : nVidia FX6200 256mb
Audio : Xear3D Onboard 6ch surround
Monitors : 1 x 19" Acer LCD
Monitors : 1 x Optoma DLP Projector, (Sizes: square = 60", 16x9 = 80", 4x3 = 87""pix taken with a digital camera without flash, kinda dark but you get the point :)"
OS : Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Media Center 2005, Windows Vista Ultra Edition
SCSI Card : Adaptec 29160 160MBps
Recorders : 1 x NVTV dual dvr controller
Computer Weight : too much
UV pic There are case lights, i'll take better pix whenever (these are way old pix, from when i had this pc at my office)
Screen pic Pic of the screens and pc, currently the office is under construction up front. (these are way old pix, from when i had this pc at my office)
Antoniak One of my co-Workers working hard (these are way old pix, from when i had this pc at my office)
Win MCE Interface Picture taken of the Windows Media Center.. My cell phone doesn't take good dark pictures.
Win MCE Interface II This picture taken with the cell phone from about 12ft back from the screen, ya can kinda see the couch down in front.
Pic 1   Pic 2 A 16 port digital camera security dvr i setup for a client.
S u r v i e l a n c e   C o m p u t e r :
Motherboard : GigaByte
RAM : 256mb
CPU : P4 Celeron 2GHz
Case : Corsair Pro
Power : 400W ATX
Hard Drives : C:\ 40gb IDE D:\ 300GB Raid 3
Video : nVidia mx440 64mb
Monitors : 15" LCD
Cameras : 2 x Sony CCD B&W, 2 x Weatherproof IR Color
OS : Windows XP Professional
Survielance Software : Active WebCam, Motion Activation, Continual Recording.
L i v i n g r o o m   C o m p u t e r :
Motherboard : MSI
RAM : 512mb DDR 400Mhz
CPU : P4 2 GHz
Case : Gutted Compaq Presario
Power : 400W ATX
CD Drives : 16X DVDRom
CD Drives : 52X CDWriter
Hard Drives : C:\ 200gb IDE
Video : nVidia FX5200 128mb
Audio : Onboard 6ch surround
Monitors : 15" LCD
Monitors : 27" TV
Recorders : 1 x NVTV single dvr controller
OS : Windows XP Media Center 2004
X B o x    3 6 0 :
XBox 360 Pro Version
HDDVD Addition
Componet 1080i output
Optoma DLP 80" Projector
Vista Media Center connector

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