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SpRick3T's Bar & Grill: Hourly Cam (4pm - 12am)

Bar Details Below
Loudness Level : FUKKKK!?!@#
Bass Level : Pounding
Audio Equipment Video Equipment

Subwoofer Componets

Optoma EP716 Digital Projector
    Amplifier : 860W x 2 Concert mono Amp
    2 x 10" Infinity Reference Series 1000W Subs
    Dual Sub Crunch Front Ported Enclosure
    Screen Formats (All sizes taken diagionally)
       Window 66" square
       4x3 87" square
       16x9 80" letterbox

Surround Channels

Computer Equipment
    Surround Reciever : Sony 120W x 8 ch
    2 x Klipsch F3's
      2 x 8" midbass, 1 x horn tweeter
    Pentium IV 3.2GHz Extreme Edition System
    Operating Systems
       Windows Vista Ultra Edition
       Windows XP Professional
    Center Channel : 1 x Bose VCS10
    Subwoofers : 1 x JBL SUB12 500W
        1 x Yamaha YST150 150W
    Rear Channels : 2 x Sony speakers 1 x 5" midbass, 1 x tweeter

Activities Available
    Halex Electronic Darts
    Cork Board Darts
    Air Hockey
    Over 1200 Musicvideos
    Over 7000 Songs
    560 DVD Movies

Really Old Events

New Year Eve, arrival of the Keg

Happy New Years!

Post New Years Party

Post New Years Party Taco's Arrive!

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